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Patrick Newton, Co-Founder, Head Chef and Creative Director of Munchy Brothers

Patrick Newton, Co-Founder, Head Chef and Creative Director of Munchy Brothers

At the Cannabis Society (TCS), our goal is to build a global platform that moves the cannabis industry forward and helps in its growth by hosting business conferences and dinners of influence. To continue fostering the community, TCS has introduced a new event to its calendar, the Joint Venture Conference. On February 27th, we hosted our very first Joint Venture Conference in Toronto and partnered with Norton Rose Fulbright, Cannabis Compliance Inc. & Grant Thornton.

Our goal? For F & B brands, tech companies, retail chains, cultivators, License Producers and large enterprises to strike a joint venture deal with one another.

Nine presenters had the chance to showcase their company to five expert panelists and a room full of License Producers and large enterprise brands with hopes to strike a deal. 

Our presenters included:


Brandon Ward, CEO & President at Lifted Innovations Inc. spoke on the technology platform and how it is connecting consumers and retailers with cannabis ancillary products. The platform takes the guesswork out of wellness and helps empower consumers to find products they need when they need them.

Brandon Ward, CEO & President at Lifted Innovations Inc.

Brandon Ward, CEO & President at Lifted Innovations Inc.

Lee Silverstone, Co-Founder of 3Leaf Edibles

Lee Silverstone, Co-Founder of 3Leaf Edibles


Dain Supero, Special Operations Account Manager at TVAPE revealed the company’s unique strategies behind upcoming projects. Supported by years of market research and extensive retail and wholesale feedback, the patent pending technology he showcased will define a new category in the cannabis industry.

3Leaf Edibles

Lee Silverstone, Co-Founder of 3Leaf Edibles showcased his premium, food first edibles brand. The company produces high quality edibles with low dose, microdose, vegan and gluten-free options. 3Leaf Edibles has licensed operations in California and carries products in over 80 locations from San Diego to San Francisco.

Limelight Platform

John Stocks, Sales Development Representative at Limelight Platform shared how the company can help brands scale and grow. The platform helps brands and their experiential agencies identify opportunities to improve measurement and consumer experiences in their event programs.

Munchy Brothers

Patrick Newton, Co-Founder, Head Chef and Creative Director of Munchy Brothers revealed their plans to bring edibles to the market. They are simplifying the DIY edible-making process with a line of pre-fused input ingredients and give people the creative freedom to make whatever they want.

Iconic Brewing

Cam McDonald, Co-Founder at Iconic Brewing showcased their unique beverage portfolio created by their in-house brand development team and through strategic external partnerships, specifically, a cannabis infused beverage. The company was founded in 2013 with a commitment to creating innovative, ready-to-drink beverages.


Stephen Bartol, Chief Medical Officer at AudaciaBio presented their new platform, Cognizance. The Cognizance platform contains proprietary AI algorithms, and a cannabis breath analyzer that provides support for gathering evidence-based knowledge. Their mission is to pioneer breath analytics and AI tools to remove the stigma and guess work from cannabis use, to ensure that every consumer has the knowledge to select the best product to safely achieve their desired effect.

Mathieu Glaude, Founder of Cannatrac

Mathieu Glaude, Founder of Cannatrac


Mathieu Glaude, Founder of Cannatrac spoke about his company and how they are dedicated to setting the cannabis industry up for long-term profitability through better compliance and brand management enabled by a complete and verifiable chain of custody on the blockchain. The company brings cultivators and key stakeholders together through easy integrations of their existing systems and leverages rich data validated by the blockchain to optimize efficiency for all.

ORH Marketing

David Hughes, Founder at ORH Marketing has extensive marketing experience in the cannabis industry and shared his views on how companies can improve on their marketing strategies. The company, which was founded in 2009, specializes in SEO, design & digital marketing through focusing on the user experience.

After each presentation, the expert panelists had the opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback to each speaker. The panel was made up of experts in the cannabis industry including:

●      Dave Schlosser - Chief Financial Officer of Truss Beverages

●      Samuel Bouabane - Director of Quality and Regulatory Cannabis at Cannabis Compliance Inc.

●      Trisha LeBlanc - National Leader for Cannabis at Grant Thornton LLP

●      Sara Zborovski - Partner at norton Rose Fulbright Canada

●      Narbe Alexandrian - President at Canopy Rivers

Toronto Joint Venture Conference Expert Panelists

Toronto Joint Venture Conference Expert Panelists

The Cannabis Society is hosting more conferences this Spring across North America!

●      March 25 - Los Angeles - Business Conference

●      March 26 - Los Angeles - Dinner of Influence

●      March 28 - San Francisco - Business Conference

●      April 1 - Las Vegas - Business Conference

●      April 1 - Berlin, Germany - Business Conference

●      April 3 - Vancouver - Business Conference

●      April 5 - Calgary - Business Conference

●      April 15 - New York - Joint Venture Conference

●      April 15 - New York - Business Conference

●      April 17 - Boston - Business Conference


If you’re interested in being a speaker, sponsor or attendee at The Cannabis Society’s upcoming conferences, please reach out to The Cannabis Society’s General Manager, Jay Cleary at


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