Dinner of Influence

On Thursday, August 16th, The Cannabis Society along with multiple educational partners hosted an invite-only dinner at Mythology on Queen Street West, with an exclusive guest list from a network of executives, influencers, and entrepreneurs both in and outside the cannabis space.  With cannabis executives from Indiva, Hiku, Tilray, TVapeLift & Co., Lifford Cannabis Solutions and TerrAscend in attendance, guests had the opportunity to chat with industry leaders about a variety of exciting new cannabis innovations. 

World-class executive vegan Chef Doug McNish lead an informative cannabis cooking demonstration for the crowd, infusing Indiva’s CBD oil into his decadent kale salad. "As a chef, I think cannabis can play into the food I make very well. Raw cuisine is naturally full of bright bold flavours, lots of spices, and we use a lot of really healthy oils, so getting cannabis infused oil or just CBD oil into the food, I think it's really, it's a natural pairing."

The President & CEO of Indiva Niel Marotta spoke to those assembled about product innovation and some exciting new edibles his company is hoping offer Canadians soon.

"Indiva is different from other cannabis LP's in a variety of ways. I think number one is really our focus on quality over sale. Our focus has always been on really high quality dry flower, and more importantly on products and branding."

Executives both from within and outside the cannabis space were in attendance, in an effort to take advantage of the rapid growth and economic integration of this soon-to-be-legal market.

Baker Technologies was present, representing the leading CRM for the cannabis industry, helping dispensaries generate more revenue and build relationships with their customers.

Phylos Bioscience, an agricultural genomics company based in Portland, Oregon came north for the event. They’re using modern molecular genetics and computational biology to better understand cannabis growth.

Representatives from Ancient Strains were present, spreading the word about their private company's focus on the legal hemp, cannabis and medical marijuana sectors.  Their goal is to become a fully integrated, public Canadian company in the legal hemp and cannabis sectors.

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TVape and their team were present as well, showing off some super high tech, German-made merchandise and discussing their brand with mingling guests.

Cantactix was there to connect suppliers and retailers to individual stores and back again - a necessary service for optimally managing the planogram-driven supply chain.

Lifford Cannabis CEO Lisa Campbell was in attendance as one of the most important influencers within the Canadian cannabis space.

Social Media Curator and TV personality MoVernie joined us and shared the event with his massive audience base.

Influencer Tanya Sardana met with us to discuss the ways cannabis perception is changing within the business sector as legalization approaches.

Vegan vloggers James & Carly were in attendance, mingling with Chef Doug McNish and enjoying the delicious vegan fare.

Tromba Tequila was keeping guests marry and talkative, thanks to some delicious cocktails being mixed up by the gracious Mythology staff.

The Cannabis Society is dedicated to changing the perception of cannabis by educating the marketplace on its benefits. This exclusive, invite-only, dinner brought together professionals from multiple different backgrounds, with a variety of different business perspectives in order to normalize the creation of this new and often stigmatized market.

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Mythology was packed with business executives, cannabis founders, investors, influencers and educational partners, who mingled and enjoyed a delicious three-course vegan meal prepared by Chef Doug McNish.

In keeping with The Cannabis Society tradition, guests were informed prior to the event that there should be ‘no small talk,’ and that one’s business related goals were to be communicated with conviction. ‘Do everything you can to help others in the room accomplish their business goals’ is the concept that resonated most with guests, who quickly defied their assigned seating plan in an effort to meet the most people possible.

Despite being from a variety of different entrepreneurial backgrounds, the room was united by a common goal: to take advantage of the once in a lifetime opportunity that is the birth of a new, federally regulated Canadian marketplace. Guests were excited by the prospect of being included in an exclusive networking dinner that allowed them the opportunity to be part of an insider's discussion amongst the world's next group of influencers and cannapreneurs. 

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“How is the negative perception of cannabis evolving with legalization?” was the question we asked business and cannabis executives alike - the consensus being that this was a substance that should be normalized, just like alcohol and coffee.  With a high demand, exciting product innovation and newly granted legal status, why shouldn’t the cannabis sector be Canada’s next major market?

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The Cannabis Society is setting out to change the negative perception of cannabis within consumer and business communities alike. Multiple entrepreneurs spoke with us about the variety of benefits this product can bring to customers both recreationally and medicinally.  The legalization of cannabis use in Canada will invite an exciting wave of innovation and opportunity to this rapidly growing space. Historically, similar occurrences have facilitated major economic opportunity, and this sector will likely be no different.

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