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The Cannabis Society is on a mission to create the biggest Cannabis Deal Making community in the world. We host invite-only business conferences that target cannabis executives, entrepreneurs, investors and service providers. The purpose of our conferences is to facilitate transactions and break down the stigma surrounding cannabis.

On November 29th, 2018, The Cannabis Society travelled west to host an invite only Business Conference at 500 Startups in San Francisco. We invited industry experts, entrepreneurs, investors and service providers to speak on a variety of panels about recreational cannabis, investing in cannabis, marketing in cannabis and more.


After opening remarks from The Cannabis Society and 500 Startups, Warren Cudney from Wahupta Ventures made a keynote speech to the audience about the work his company is doing to focus on the genetics, farming, production and processing of hemp, while creating key collaboration with sovereign First Nations and Tribal communities throughout North America and abroad.

Following Warren, Lee Silverstone from 3Leaf Edibles delivered a keynote speech about the premium edibles brand he founded based in California. Offering micro- and low-dose edibles crafted with the finest natural foods and the highest quality cannabis extracts available, 3Leaf aims to provide a delicious and consistent cannabis experience that provides the effects people want and the enhancements people seek.


Lee then segwayed into a panel discussion about recreational cannabis legalization in Canada along with Liam Oster, a lawyer at Watson Goepel LLP, Warren Cudney from Wahupta Ventures and Shannon Soqui from Cannacord Genuity.


Next up was a panel about investing in cannabis which Warren Cudney also took part in. He was joined by Morgan Paxhia from Poseidon Partners, Tom Zuber from Zuber Lawler & Del Duca, and Adrian Grant-Alfieri from Babel Ventures.

After the panel Vince Ning from Nabis delivered a keynote address to the crowd about how his company has become one of California's largest Cannabis Services Group. Vince described the work Nabis does with some of the best brands in California, and how they stock well over 300 dispensaries throughout the state.

To conclude the conference, Danielle Davenport from Global Foundry Group, influencer Ray Arias, Lian Liu from Elevate Herbs, Jennifer Skog from MJ Lifestyle Magazine and Erin Willis from Mother Indica shared valuable cannabis marketing insights they’d learned while working in this ever-changing field.

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