Vancouver Dinner

The road to Cannabis legalization in Canada has created a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the birth of a new and federally regulated marketplace. The Cannabis Society is attempting to take advantage of this new industry by hosting exclusive dinners across Canada as a means of facilitating an insider's discussion among the world's next group of influencers and cannapreneurs. 

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On August 30th the Society hosted one of these exclusive, invite only dinners at The White Lounge in Vancouver. It was attended by social media influencers, business influencers, and cannabis industry executives. Discussions/presentations included how to cook with cannabis by Cody Lindsay from The Wellness Soldier, the benefits of medical cannabis, and changes to expect on October 17th.  By facilitating these types of conversations, The Cannabis Society is attempting to change the perception of cannabis prior to legalization by educating the marketplace about its social, medical and economic benefits.

White Lounge is a massive new Yaletown restaurant, with vaulted ceilings and an adorable patio looking out onto a nearby pedestrian laneway.  Upon arrival guests enjoyed Tromba Tequila cocktails, took selfies in front of the step and repeat, and discussed their varied areas of interest in the cannabis industry.

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Professional chef Cody Lindsay lead a demonstration about how to cook with cannabis for the crowd, and cited ways cooking with cannabis have had a positive effect on his everyday life. Cody is a Canadian Veteran, red seal chef, cannabis chef & advocate. By living a balanced lifestyle with cannabis, healthy eating, fitness, and meditation, he created The Wellness Soldier, alongside his wife Kaleena. The Wellness Soldier helps other Veterans/patients with healthy living information, cannabis cookbooks, videos, cooking classes, live demos, and recipe contributor for many major cannabis media outlets. Chef Cody Lindsay won “Top Cannabis Chef” in the Lift & Co Canadian Cannabis Awards in 2017. 

Sean Dollinger from Namaste Technologies, who spoke at The Cannabis Society Business Conference the day prior to the Vancouver Dinner of Influence, informed assembled guests that Namaste’s stock had recently become the only stock in the cannabis sector to rise, going up 7% just that day while the competition was down. He thanked The Cannabis Society for their part in facilitating conferences and meetings that elevate the cannabis industry and bring it into the forefront of investor conversations. 

Terry Roycroft, CEO at Global Health Clinic was in attendance, chatting with fellow dinner guests about the work his company has done to help Canadians that are faced with medical conditions and are prescribed marijuana to help cope.

Unity Marguerite Whittaker, founder of Indications, discussed ways in which her business was going to strive to set up safe spaces across Canada where people can legally consume cannabis.

Bethany Rae, founder and CEO of Flower & Freedom, described the way she hoped her media platform could empower people to explore cannabis as part of an active lifestyle

Guests from many different sectors of the cannabis space, with backgrounds in media, event planning, technology, and design enjoyed a delicious three course meal from White Lounge and revelled in the opportunity to chat with businesses executives and decision makers in this rapidly growing field.

The Cannabis Society