Dinner at Figures

The road to Cannabis legalization in Canada has created a once in a lifetime opportunity to witness the birth of a new and federally regulated marketplace. To take full advantage of this momentous occasion, The Cannabis Society hosts a series of monthly, exclusive, invite only, dinners that are attended by social media influencers, business influencers, and cannabis industry executives. Discussions/presentations include how to cook with cannabis (no taste test), the benefits of medical cannabis, and changes to expect after legalization on October 17th.


The Cannabis Society is dedicated to changing the perception of cannabis by educating the marketplace on its benefits. On September 26th Figures on Avenue hosted our Monthly Dinner of Influence from 6:30pm – 9:30pm, during which guests enjoyed delicious food, casual presentations and deal making opportunities.

Dr. Jonas Vanderzwan, Medical Director at WeedMD, spoke about exciting innovations being made internationally in the field of medicinal cannabis, and how companies are looking to get into global markets.  

Tanya Sardana, CEO & Founder of a new start-up called FLYSHOT discussed how she was going about building her new ad-tech company, which will set out to bring performance advertising to the intersection of app-commerce and influencer marketing.


Food stylist and recipe developer Michelle Rabin described how she is setting out to educate Canadians on how to use edible cannabis in a safe and constructive way post legalization.

Peter from Puff Digital Agency discussed the massive scope of cannabis related media and content production in Canada, and how their company aims to use media as a means of educating people in the cannabis space.

Stephen Verbeek, CEO & founder of Hello Cannabis, discussed recently tapping into the global cannabis marketplace and how their company aims to educate the public with regards to the benefits of medical cannabis and eventually fully replace opioid prescriptions.


Influencer Christine Korda chatted about the importance of marketing cannabis to women, and how she is using her online presence to help cannabis companies get their products and services in front of a female market.

Cannabis influencer Peyton Hepburn spoke with those in attendance about the ample advertising and influencer marketing opportunities available in the new space, and elaborated on some sponsored projects she had been previously working on.

Former Nurse Nikki Lawley bravely spoke about her past physical trauma and ways in which medical cannabis has assisted with her recovery process. During her video interview Lawley elaborated on how medical cannabis has changed her life and provided her the tools she needs to cope day-to-day with her workplace injury.

Inthida Ngeth, Vice President of Product at BOSSC, discussed the ample product development opportunities available right now in the cannabis space, and the work her company is doing to innovate within that quickly growing market.

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